Happy Heritage/Braai Day SA

🇿🇦 Braai sinsThese are the 6 worst sins you can commit around a braai. Read our list and never be guilty of these braai faux pas again!The hostile takeoverThe host is always in charge of the braai unless he or she asks you to assist with the grilling duties. Never touch the tongs, meat or coals of someone else’s braai under any circumstances. Don’t be that guy. Sometimes the host may ask for assistance, in which case feel free to bring your own flair to the braai duties.The picky eaterThis is 2020 – everyone has some kind of dietary restriction or strong preference. If you are gluten-free, pescatarian or cutting back on dairy, don’t wait until you have arrived at the braai to let your host know. Don’t be that guy. Drop them a message at least 24 hours in advance, and offer to bring a dish that fits your preferences.The backseat driverA large part of the braai ritual is standing around the fire, trying your best to avoid the smoke, chatting about sport or politics or that funny thing your cat did this week. Do not confuse the social atmosphere around the fire as an invitation to add your comments about the temperature of the fire or if you think the meat is cooked to your liking. Don’t be that guy. If you are not the braai master, do not add your opinion unless asked for.The cheapskateWe all have that one friend who arrives with one packet of chips, some rolls and 4 beers, and always leaves the braai roaring drunk and full on fillet steak (with a takeaway of leftover chops under his arm – nogal!). Don’t be that guy. If you are short on funds, the correct thing to do is send the host a message and ask if they can cover for you. And if you are not sure what to bring, ask one of your friends to advise you.The inconsiderate drinkerThis person is very closely related to the Cheapskate, who will very often bring cheap booze, add it into the communal fridge, and then drink everyone else’s good stuff. This is the person who shows up with a half box of Sauvignon Blanc from last Christmas and ends the evening sipping on the host’s finest whisky. Don’t be that guy.The magicianThis is a very common character at the braai, and it’s almost impossible to tell who is guilty of being this guy. The magician arrives with warm beers, and sneakily swaps his drinks for your frosty brews, leaving only the warm ones behind in the fridge. Occasionally you may come across a magician-inconsiderate drinker combo – that guy who will swap a warm cheap beer for a nicely chilled glass of pricey wine. Please, please don’t be that guy.